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Interesting. I did not even know that this word existed... But I do find it in some 18th and 19th century descriptions. It does not really mean archipelago though. It means a ''sea'' that has lots of islands in it. So it is not about the land but about the water. It is also pretty obsolete despite all the (wrong) foreign translations on the internet. And rare. I cannot even find it in [http://gtb.inl.nl/iWDB/search?actie=article_content&wdb=WNT&id=M015788 WNT], which is the most complete dictionary (but ante 1928)
[[Usuario:Jcwf|Jcwf]] ([[Conversa usuario:Jcwf|conversa]]) 19 de xuño de 2014 ás 05:52 (UTC)
:The normal word for archipelago is eilandengroep or eilandenrijk.


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